Minecraft's still cool, right?

Setting up a Minecraft server on my homelab

I was browsing Modrinth for some new and fun Minecraft mods to download when I stumbled across this page:

Needless to say, I was interested. So I hopped over to their GitHub, which was conveniently linked, and noticed something interesting, the creator of this also had a Minecraft server install script that would install this mod, along with a couple of other plugins, and have everything configured automatically. See previously I had been using a Docker, or because I'm a Red Hat fangirl, it was actually a Podman container, but the Minecraft server was only running with 1 GB of ram. Which was a problem. Especially as my sister and I continued to play and build the world just because laggier and laggier. So I could just make a new container, and make sure to change the minecraft start flag to 5 GB or something, or I could just run it on bare metal. Spoiler: I went with the latter option.

So I went to the website, https://github.com/oddlama/minecraft-server, copied the script, and was on my way. Until I hit a bit of a problem. I was downloading a mod from dev.bukkit.org and got a 404 error. If you're not into the Minecraft modding scene, let me give you a bit of background. Bukkit is one of the largest repositories of Minecraft mods and plugins, and, I'm not sure when they disabled people from being able to curl mods. The script didn't know that, and it had no fallback to continue if it failed, so it just quit.

So I may not quite be an expert at bash, or really any coding at all, but I had a look around, and found the culprit. The line in the script that pulled the plugin from Bukkit. So I made a fork and I deleted that line. Then I made a pull request with that change. A few days later the developer, oddlama, accepted that pull request, and I was simultaneously on my way to having a very nice Minecraft server, as well as having my first ever pull request accepted, an amazing feeling.

So, in the end, I'm not sure where I was going with this. Maybe Minecraft is really fun, and if you want to have a close to vanilla experience with a few improvements, check out oddlama? There, that sounds good. Have fun, keep on building, and see you guys next time!